Thanks to its outstanding entertainment industry, the USA has built a reputation of a rich nation. But are the people living there more happy? or is it just a facade? The civilized world, also called “Free World”, or “The West”, comprises also of Europe. Europe is for many, much better, than America. Here is why:

1. European public restrooms have privacy, and many are Unisex

Public bathrooms in Europe

Public restrooms in Europe have actual doors that completely obliterate the view from anyone outside of your personal poo space. Many are also unisex which means, gender isn’t part of the “taking a shit” equation.

Public bathrooms in the USA

The vast majority of public restrooms in the United States are of third-world country level. They are built with cheap plastic with a huge space on the side of the door and under it, which allows anyone to watch the person taking their poo. If you angle yourself correctly you can see as if there was no door at all.

This is source of tensions such as public bathrooms laws currently being passed against transgender people in Florida and more states. A non issue in Europe.

2. European Universities and Colleges are either FREE or totally affordable

University of La Sorbonne in Paris

Europeans believe that a smart population makes it for a more valuable society. Studying in some of the prestigious universities will only cost you a few hundreds to a couple thousands of Euros (about the same in US dollars). You can check for yourself what La Sorbonne University in Paris charges here.

Rather than educate the majority of its citizen, America has chosen to make education a lucrative business and prefers to put debt on its citizen whom are bound to reimburse their tuition for many years to come after obtaining their degree. A slick and clever way to keep slavery around. Example, Harvard currently charge an outrageous 57 246 US dollars per academic year! (about the same in Euros).

3. Health care is pretty much FREE or close to free in Europe

Maternity Gregorio Marañón in Madrid

Europeans believe that no one should be put at disadvantage because of health. This is why any health matter in Europe is pretty much free or close to free.

For the USA however, just like for education, health is another opportunity to ‟make money‟.

4. In Europe, What you See is What You Pay

Cheap Bananas

In Europe, displayed prices must include all fees (such as taxes). Head to the cash register without any further hassle or bad surprise (the amount accounted for taxes are indicated on the receipt).

In the USA, the price you see is not the price you will pay. Expect taxes added later once you arrive at the cash register.

5. You Can Drink Alcohol Outdoors in Europe

Outdoor drinking beer gathering

Drinking alcohol outside in Europe is cultural. Belgium and Germany while drinking heavily at home are also the beer export leaders worldwide. From the many summer fairs, park events and beach parties, drinking outside in Europe is part of the ancestral traditions that will always be there. Cheers!

Now as far as America, many places in the USA are called nanny states. The local laws micro manage peoples lives, telling adults what they are allowed to do and what not to do, all that depending on the very specific lunatic values. If you try drinking alcohol in the streets of NYC, the popo will give you a ticket (and they are actively searching at park events for example). Mind you, many people there will drink from a bottle put in the infamous “brown paper bag” to avoid this ridiculous rule.

6. Parties Continue All Night in Europe

Weparty event in Madrid

In Europe, parties usually end around 6am and can continue forever through after-parties.

In the USA, some states, such as California (yes California, where Hollywood is!), the night clubs must close at 2am! Unbelievable but true!

7. America is Racist

Question in USA job applications

If you are an American reading this, you will find the image below normal as this is what you see in your job applications.

Europeans will find it offensive. To make your race factor in the hiring process of anyone is simply outrageous.

8. Employees in Europe do not have to beg for a Tip

Some sexy waiter

In Europe, a job is a job, the minimum wages are similar whether you work in the hospitality industry or in an office. The waiting staff salary is accounted for in the price of the food displayed. So tipping is not expected.

In the USA, hospitality staff are paid close to nothing by the business owners, they have to rely on tips. Its a lose -ose situation. Because on the prices displayed, not only you have to account for the taxes (remember point 4 above?), but also the tipping, which altogether can pretty much double the price indicated on the menu; as well as for the waiter who have to be extra fake to make sure you tip him. Its also a power trip coming straight up from slavery times.

9. Europe Uses the Worldwide Celsius Standard

Drop the farenheit already America!

Europe just like the rest of the planet uses Celsius for temperature. The base of it is that water boils at 100 degrees and freezes at 0 degree.

While the USA alone uses Fahrenheit which stands for… nothing.

10. Europe Uses the Worldwide Metric System Standard

Where Metric is the standard in blue…

Europe is also using the metric system standard (meter, kilometer, etc),.

While the USA is using the awkward emperial system (inches, feet, etc..).

Bonus: Europe is also much much safer than the USA.

Some would have suggested that we add that food is better in Europe (there is no doubt that the quality of the ingredients are) but how you fancy a meal is subjective. You can find delicious things in both. We can enjoy southern American fried chicken with super sized everything, as much as we enjoy an authentic pizza from Italy.

America is not bad at all, it is actually pretty wonderful and fun to visit. Plus its people are amazing and super friendly.

But to live there is a different story. It has long lost its world leadership (even though it believes it is at the top, it clearly isn’t) due to perhaps too much greediness and self-centered-ness/arrogance.