All the Things You Need to Know in Spanish When Meeting a Spaniard or Latino Who Barely Speaks English

Disclaimer, this article might make you horny while reading.

Going to a hotspot with a high concentration of caliente guys speaking Spanish such as Gran Canaria Island, Madrid, Puerto Vallarta, Barcelona, Sitges, Torremolinos or Ibiza ? Then, you will need to know some phrases to score some.

We compiled for you the most useful Spanish sentences you will need to know or understand to get laid with a Spanish man. Read below for the “naughty Spanish” that schools won’t definitely teach you.

Keep in mind that Spanish and English are both European languages so they share the same roots, logic and alphabet. If you know one of these two languages it is very easy to learn the other.

Also, it is quite straightforward to read as you just need to pronounce every letter you see (as opposed to French for example). Note that the letter R is rolled, the double LL is pronounced like the letter Y in the word You. The letter Y like J of John. And then the J, hopefully you have at least heard how to pronounce Jesus in Spanish once in your life.

Break the ice with these conversation starters

Hola ! ➪ Hi !

Qué hora es? Mi teléfono se apagó ➪ What time is it? My phone is dead

Tienes un cigarro? ➪ Do you have a cigarette ?

Tienes fuego ? ➪ Do you have a lighter?

Quieres una bebida ? ➪ Can I get you a drink ?


Eres guapo ➪ You’re handsome

Tienes una buena barba ➪ You have a nice beard

Tienes un buen culo ➪ You have a nice ass

Tienes buen pecho ➪ You have nice chest

Tienes brazo fuerte ➪ You got strong arms

Me gusta tu ropa ➪ I like your outfit

Its going well, getting to know each other a bit time

De dónde eres?  ➪ Where are you from?

Cómo te llamas? ➪ What is your name?

En qué hotel te quedas? ➪ In which hotel are you staying ?

Fuiste a la playa? ➪ Did you go the beach?

Making sure you are interested in one another

Eres activo, pasivo o versátil ? ➪ Are you top, bottom or versatile (verse) ?

Planning to leave together

Quieres venir a mi hotel ? ➪ You want to come to my hotel ?

Vamos ! ➪ Lets go !

Fast track to the sheets, top talk you need to know or understand :

Me la comes?  ➪ U wanna suck me (my dick) ?

Túmbate aquí ➪ Lay here

Levanta ➪ Stand up

Siéntate aquí ➪ Sit here

Bottom talks

Tienes una polla grande ➪ You got a big dick

Fóllame más duro ➪ Fuck me harder

You might hear him say

Joder ! ➪ Fuck !

Quieres popper? ➪ Do you want poppers ?

Me voy a correr or Me corroooooo ➪ I’m about to cum

Esto fue increíble ➪ It was really good ! (incredible !)

Tengo que ir al baño ➪ I have to go to the bathroom

If the connection was deep and you want to do something else….

Tienes hambre? ➪ Are you hungry?

Tienes Whatsapp o Instagram ? ➪ Do you have Whatsapp or Instagram ?

Cuál es tu número de teléfono ? ➪ What is your phone number ?

And this vocabulary should cover the minimum needed, bookmark this page and pull up this cheat sheet on your phone whenever necessary.

If you think something else is missing and would be useful to others, feel free to add it in the comment section.

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