Nothing! Well almost nothing….

Each year in September, Apple announces its new iPhone. And this time in 2022, just like most of the times since Tim Cook took over Steve Jobs’spot, it’s been a pretty underwhelming and boring announcement, to the point that we’ve become numb to disappointment and have completely abandoned bothering at having any great expectation coming from this Apple. #notimpressed

Why was it boring, again? Well, a press release could have covered the usual updated specs: a slightly better camera than the year before (yawn), and guess what, they even dare to put the slightly faster chip only on the Pro this time.

The new features that you’ll be able to, perhaps, notice are:

The standard iPhone 14 is exactly like the iPhone 13 except it can connect to satellite in case you get lost somewhere in the mountains where there is no cell-signal (like pretty much never) and somehow have to make an SOS call. And the tray for physical SIM card is removed. Oh, the only good thing really is that the standard iPhone gets a Plus size, so you won’t have to pony up for the Pro to get a bigger screen anymore. Yoopie.

The iPhone 14 Pros get on top of that: “always on display” (which as it names suggest, has its screen always on, meh) and an animated notch notification which Apple calls “dynamic island” which should have been on the entire 14 line up rather than just the Pro. Segmentation, here we go.

And that’s it! Seriously Apple? WTF! You should be ashamed. Like really, it’s time for Apple to retire Tim Cook as CEO and bring on someone with vision. Tim would be better off at the accounting than at the captaining of the ship.

Apple comes off as not only very lazy but mostly uninspired, which could be a sign of early decline for them if things don’t change.

Rather than bringing useless features, listening to what the people actually really want would be a great start.

What the next iPhone should be for Apple to be taken seriously:

  • Unbreakable
  • Unscratchable
  • Bring groundbreaking charging technology (several days in one charge)
  • Charge wirelessly (without a pad, just from the air; the technology exists)
  • Offer a different design. The design introduced with the X is getting old.
  • Have a projection feature (where you project the video on a wall and use it as a mac or Apple TV)
  • Get rid of the notch (not buying into the animated notch, it’s still not at fingers reach with one hand)
  • Bring removable/easily replaceable battery
  • Make its speakers sound way better

These simple straightforward things would be much more valuable to the average person than camera granular updates and other random non sense.

In my Rupaul voice, “Now Tim Cook, sashay, away”.