Two thousand and a half years ago in Ancient Greece, pansexuality was the norm, same-sex and opposite sex relationships alike were expected to both be part of everyone’s journey in life. How formidable! Utopia? No, real life!

Homosexual love has always existed and that is very well documented. The Sacred Band of Thebes was a troop of soldiers in Ancient Greece, consisting of 300 warriors. Except that those 300 were made of 150 pairs of male couples. They formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC. Their most known achievement: defeating none other than… the very famous Spartans! Which on a current times gay scale is equivalent to selling 5 millions concert tickets!

“The Theban Gay 300”’s role was to protect the male-to-male love way of life. Their regular training included wrestling and dance. Trainees were inducted as full members to the Sacred Band at the ages of 20 to 21, they ended their service at age 30. The older partner called the erastes (“lover”) was the top and the younger one the eromenos (“beloved”), the bottom. Each pair exchanged sacred vows at the Temple of Iolaus, the lover of Heracles.

The Thebans believed gay warriors fought better in order to impress and protect their lovers. If a lover fell during a battle, his partner would fight even harder to avenge his death.

They were full-time professionals employed by the city-state of Thebes, which supplied and trained them. Each one had the typical gladiator outfit: a cuirass, a helm, greaves, and a shield. Their primary weapons were a four meters long spear and a sword, along with charm and choreography-attacks. Vogue, snatch and slash, bitch!

Even though they were defeated by the Sacred Band of Thebes, the Spartas maintain a hold as the most popular army in the mainstream narrative. Supporters like Xenophon helped them maintain that fraud, emphasizing Spartan successes in their writings while minimizing setbacks or erasing them altogether.

The mirage endures till this day. Popular versions of ancient Greek military history pay huge tribute to Sparta but take absolutely zero notice of the Thebes (even thought they were the ones who ended the Spartans!) as you can notice on Zack Snyder’s two “300” films for example. (The parody-comedy film “Meet the Spartans” takes cue from the Thebes dance attacks but appropriates them to the Spartans as if it were them who combatted that way. See video below). Because of this, the Thebans are largely lesser known today.

The “Lion of Chaeronea” erected in the honor of the Sacred Band of Thebes

Fun Facts:

  • A-List army means A-List encounters. The final battle of the Sacred Band of Thebes got them defeated by none other than Alexander The Great (who is not so great after all, since “cancel the gays culture” came soon after) and his father Phillip II, at Chaeronea, Greece. A memorial; the “Lion of Chaeronea” has been erected in their honor right there. You can still visit it today, it is a 1h45 minutes drive away from Athens, between Atalanti and Livadeia.
  • The Caledonian Thebans, “Scotland’s premier inclusive rugby team,” helps keep their memory alive by using their name.
  • A porn version has also been made (of course!) by Men studios. Starring François Sagat, William Seed, Ryan Bones, JJ Knight, Diego Sans, and D.O. (main photo article).

Source: Wikipedia.

Do you think The Sacred Band of Thebes should be revived? And if so, would you join?

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  1. Yes it should be brought back, I’m a dancer and I learn fast, where do I sign up!

  2. Yasss are you planning a revival? how do I join????

  3. verygoodbunny

    the actors look good on the porn version but its ruined because they wear condoms. eeek.

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