Same-sex love has existed and been natural since existence itself. But for some obscure reason, just like many other topics in human history, this knowledge was lost and most likely deliberately … hidden by “someone” either very evil or ignorant (or both).

Wihout giving it a name, pansexuality had been the norm forever, until not too long ago, until that someone’s agenda seemed to want to ruin people’ happiness.

When digging into history, it was a known fact that Julius Caesar, leader of the Roman Empire (which by the way was one of the most important planetary-wize several hundreds ago along “Ancient Greece”) was pansexual (because that was the default) and that in male relationships, he was a….. bottom! Let that sink in….. So why homosexuality was pushed out of Earth society. Perhaps because of the what is being said at the end of the video below (which we don’t approve of, of course) was used as a conflation to accomplish this hatred against anything queer.