Knowing how to search is key to find the information or videos you are looking for. Writing the correct words is what will bring you the most relevant result.

Here are the most common de facto meaning of the words online, put it in the most simple manner.

Gay: male who is attracted to males.

Lesbian: female who is attracted to females

Trans Woman: female person, born with male genitalia.

Trans Man: male person, born with female genitalia.

Non-Binary: person identifying with 2 or more genders at the same time.

Agendered: person identifying with no gender at all.

Intersex: person born with genitalia of 2 or more genders.

Bisexual: person of any gender who is attracted sexually to both males and females.

Omnisexual or Multisexual: person who is attracted to at least 2 genders or all genders.

Pansexual: person who likes someone regardless of their gender.

Top: male penetrating another male.

Bottom: male who gets penetrated by another male.

Verse or Versatile: male who likes both to penetrate and be penetrated by another male.

Genderfluid: someone who can feel one gender in one point in time, and another gender at another moment.

Unlabeled or Free-Spirit: person who consider their gender attraction and identity to be free of all choice at all time.

Androgyne: person who’s appearance is both or neither male and female.

Alpha Man or Macho Man: Male who embodies high male energy.

Femme (pronounced “fem”) or Queen: male who embodies female energy.

Butch Lesbian: female embodying male energy who is attracted to females.

Lipstick Lesbian: female embodying female energy who is attracted to females.

Queer: former slur, wannabe synomym to “LGBT+”.

Twink: sexy slim gay male from 18 to 25.

Hunk: sexy gay male from 25 and up.

Gaymer: gay person who love video games.

Bear: gay male with body hair. Often chubby and over 30.

Daddy: male who looks like a dad (whether he is really one or not) and have sex with males.

Uncle: male who looks likes your dad’s sexy friends and who have sex with males.

Straight or Heterosexual: person cursed to believe they can only be attracted to their opposite gender and ignorant enough to think that none of the above exists or is possible.

Interracial: sex or relationship between people from different ethnicity. (latino, black, caucasian, arab, asian, etc)

Latino: people from South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) as well its father-lands Spain and Portugal. Usually with brown to black hair and “caliente”.

Ebony: people with chocolate complexion. Also called black people, African Americans or from Africa.

Threesome: three people having sex together, no matter their gender.

Orgy: 4 people or more having sex together, no matter their gender.

Gang Bang: Orgy with one person getting penetrated by everyone else.

Sex Party: Where orgies and gang bangs happen.