Is Greece heading back on top to its ancient times peak? The Great Greece where democracy was born?

Indeed, Greece’s parliament has just banned genitalia mutilation surgeries on non-consenting babies born intersex. Some dare to call this “sex-normalising”.

The topic is still not mainstream, so, as a reminder, to make it short, intersex people have a variation of chromosomes making them own traits of both genders male and female.

This does not fit the narrative of many of Earth’s current “societies” expectations that someone be either fully “all male” or “all female”, omitting the fact that things, and especially, nature, work in spectrum.

Under a new law approved by parliament last Tuesday, surgeries that seek to ensure a child ascribes to traditional notions of male and female on people under the age of 15 years are banned in Greece, unless there is a court decision stating otherwise.

The bill stipulates fines and a prison term for doctors conducting such surgery.

Operations, including “corrective” surgeries or hormonal therapies to change face or body characteristics, on intersex people over the age of 15 years will be permitted if the teenagers consent, according to the law.

Rinio Simeonidou, mother of an intersex teenager and secretary general of Intersex Greece, told parliament before the vote that the approval of the bill would be “a truly historic moment for all intersex children in Greece” and a good start in eliminating violations of intersex people’s rights.

As of today, only Portugal, Malta and Germany had already banned such surgeries, which in the past have led intersex people to sterilization, loss of sexual sensation, psychosomatic trauma and health problems, Simeonidou said. We are still awaiting for Spain, the EU and America’s to follow suit.

Earlier this year, Greece banned so-called conversion therapy for minors, practices aimed at suppressing a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity and which health experts have condemned as psychologically harmful and unethical.

“I was truly saddened by the mistakes of the past that led to dramatic situations because we were lacking the knowledge and courage,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who faces elections next year, told parliament before the vote as he urged lawmakers to endorse the legislation.

To understand what to be intersex, watch Them’s video below:

Source: Reuters.