Homosexuality has existed since the dawn of time, but today, it’s visible thanks to the work of Prides, it’s just much easier for gay men to find each other, as there’s no longer much of a sense of hiding anymore.

While not a problem in Maspalomas as most men are gay, meeting guys can be tricky in other places.

From small hints to the very obvious, here is a list of “How to spot that another man is also attracted to men”, which also works reversly on “How to signal to men that yourself are gay and interested by him”.

1- They Wear Gay Brands

Boxer Barcelona “Top” socks with its recognizable “X”

Let’s start with an easy one. If you see a man wearing a gay brand, there are 99% chances that he is gay. Brands like Andrew Christian, AD, Pump, ES Collection, Modus Vivendi, Boxer, Tofe Paris and the likes provide underwear, beachwear, shorts, socks, harnesses, jockstraps and shirts with very sexy shapes and beloved by the queer community.

Once you spot one of these brand, this is the signal. Also wear them to let know other men of your preference. More about these brands HERE.

2- They Have Gay Tatoos

Tatoo with the pride flag

Weather with a visual or text, a message like “Love is love”, a rainbow or bear flag, a drawing of two guys holding each other or kissing. Those are messages hinting at one’s preference.

3- They Wear T-Shirts with Gay Messages

T-Shirt with fun message

If having the same message stuck on one’s skin forever sounds like too much, the equivalent to tattoos but interchangeable are…. T-Shirts. The message on T-shirts can obviously be changed and is also more noticeable.

A fun or funny t-shirt can get you a long way as you can spot the reactions of guys reading them on you.

4- They Carry or Wear Gay Items

Beach towel with Bear flag

A rainbow (or other pride flag) bag, bracelet, hat or beach towels is sending a clear signal.

5- They Stare at Each Other

I see you!

Before any of the above was possible, this is how men could score each other, either in dedicated cruising area, bathrooms, in the streets, at the beach or elsewhere.

Depending of the situation, the techniques vary. But it’s about looking at each other.

A combination of any of the above with a lick on the lips, a wink or simply a smile is how you get the confirmation of interest. If it is returned, seal the icebreaker with a “hi” or “what time is it” or ask for directions.