Legendary, have we said legendary? Beyonce’s dream to perform “Vogue” with Madonna is coming to a close.

You Won’t Break My Soul matches well with Vogue. (And yeah the “You Won’t” should be in the songtitle because heck, You fucking WON’T Break My Soul!)

In this remix, Beyonce did her own shout out section where she pays hommage to her faves and inspiration: Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Santigold, her sister Solange, Nina Simone, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Diana Ross, and more.

We love that Beyonce revisited “Vogue”. The only thing we’re disapointed about is the lack of new vocals by Madonna. It’s pretty much at best, a soundcloudish mash up, and at worse a large sample, than a true collaboration, which it should have been. Not sure why Madonna didn’t redo or add new parts. If Dua Lipa can score the Madge on her Levitating remix, there should be zero problem for Beyonce to do so as well. It would have been great to hear Madonna’s updated take on Vogue.

But anyway, enough complaining. STILL we can enjoy this song which we are certain will reach higher dimensions once Beyonce performs it (with Madonna herself certaintly at least once). And guess what, yes we’re adding it too to the gay summer playlist of 2022.

And with this artistic direction, let’s not act surprised when Beyonce enlists houses from HBO Max’s Legendary for her next visuals, as this would make for the perfect combo.

Listen to the song below, as well as other great remixes she released, one with Honey Dijon, Will I Am from Black Eyed Peas and Terry Hunter.