GAY ICON todrick hall RELEASES NEW ALBUM “Algorhythm”

Gay icon Todrick Hall just released a brand new album. Given his icon status in the gay community, we couldn’t pass on talking about this, but really, as our momma taught us, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything, so we’ll keep it to a minimum.

Here is the problem, he set the bar so high in the past that we were looking forward to something groundbreaking and amazing… but we are left here with disapointment.

The issue is that he made a choice, and that choice is a very niche-ish that we can roll with occasionally but not as some “that’s the hot shit of the moment” vibe. That choice is the 80s theme. We love the 80s music but clearly it’s a specific mood, and one that doesn’t fit well with the summer which we are now entering. The whole thing feel dated and doesn’t give us something fresh or extra. The whole thing sounds like Prince and Whitney Houston leftovers.

Since the vocals are good, maybe releasing remixes with new beats would do the trick.

We’ll try to listen to this in the winter but for now, it’s a skip, while we make the best of our time going back to listen to Tom Aspaul’s masterpiece.

Sorry Todrick, we still love you but this time is not your time…now Sashay Away!

Watch the video for the lead song “Pre Madonna” below, which actually is nice.