To be in paradise is also to know what’s NOT in paradise, which is a new section we’ll add here from time to time. (Such as the countries to boycott as they are dangerous to LGBT+ people)

After 14 US seasons and a half, and countless international spin-offs, and a few revelations regarding RuPaul’s true identity, we have decided to completely stop watching Rupaul’s Drag Race and halt all reporting on it. Effective immediately, Wow Presents Plus subscription, have been cancelled.

Whether Rupaul is either clueless or doing the following points knowlingly (in that case, it would be vile), here, we are calling out how this program might be more hurtful than good to society.

Using techniques such as bubbly colors, laughter and rhythm, RPDR is able to hypnotize you into addiction, which might make you overlook what’s in between the lines…

Reasons why we’re cutting off this drug, in no specific order:


This one is self-explanatory. 40 minutes is just a joke. It feels rushed and WRONG. This was the last straw. If it doesn’t last at least one hour, than what’s the point?


With the all-winners season Rupaul has proven that the show can totally work with keeping the entire cast the whole time with a system based point. If you are calling your people “a cast” than there is no reason for them to disappear one-by-one. Imagine watching your favorite scripted serie or movie and your favorite characters completely suddenly vanish. There is a genre for that, it’s called the h-word.

Even on an actual “race” the pilots are all expected to race until the end and obtain a final score.


If drag is art, than like Madonna says “art can not be judged” (most likely the reason why she nor Beyonce do not accept invitations to judge on any judging-show. We command them for that, those are true goddesses, well sort-of…).

Like Ella Vaday from UK Drag Race mentioned, the whole Rupaul’s drag race feels like a long audition (for series that never see the light of days, we might add).

Why as an audience should we waste time judging who did better and whatnot (because that’s exactly what you’re sucked into to “play along” with the judging panel). This behavior trains your brain to obsessively judge everyone and their mama in your day to day life. How about just enjoying the SHOW?

This problem has gone at a English-speaking society level where most performance shows have gone the “judging” format, rather than a pure performance enjoyment. (it’s not like that in other countries with different language thankfully.). A healthy Rupaul show should be “The Rupaul Show” with either just performances or full storyline episodes of these 2 minutes skits being 1 hour instead (without the judging and taping). By the way if you use our ideas Rupaul, prepare to send the coins our way, we’ll even help co-produce. (in the gay paradise, we actually love drag queens, for example we have 4 shows every single night in Maspalomas).


So if Rupaul laugh it’s funny, and if he doesn’t it’s not? We bet you we can reeddit all the snatch games and make someone who is suppose to be funny, be boring and vice-versa (someone do that!). And let’s get real the snatch-game should be called “Make Rupaul Laugh”).


If Rupaul’s DRAG race was truly celebrating “the art of drag”, the cast would have a variety of genders doing drag (men, women, intersex, etc). But , no, in the entire US franchise, it has exclusively been a man-to-woman (at various stages of transgenderism, whether fully or not) and nothing else. Rupaul himself had been caugh off-guard at the extra artistic layerism the contestants bring. If you are interested, there are receipts out there.

And where are the drag kings?

Therefore is Rupaul’s secret motive only to promote to males to fancy becoming females, and the drag art just used as a tool? Actions speak louder than words.

By the way, is it related that the trans question has never been this high and in your face, to the point of daring touching the pride flag in unharmonious, not to say disrespectul way (no other identities dared to slap its own colors into the sacred universal/neutral rainbow, and trying to force this disgraceful visual mess called the “progressive flag” as a de facto. No, we will NE-VER accept this regressive attempt. Pure Rainbow is here to stay. Along with the trans flag in its own rights as well!) .

With these amount of RPDR shows popping up left and right in each country, are we assisting to a factory? Is Rupaul someone to bring discord/confusion into society or to make it better? Who really is Rupaul with his, let’s say, “special” suits and suspicious laugh?


If Rupaul is really about empowerement, why does he always have this way of having his contestants making teams, where the last one picked must feel like utter shit because he was picked last?

There are many other ways this could happen in a benevolent way. For example, the contestants could one after the other pick the team they want to join.


From time to time Drag Race has a political guest. This shouldn’t even be allowed. Drace Race Canada dared inviting tyrant Justin Trudeau who during c19 blocked the bank accounts of the Canadian citizens, making it impossible for them to feed themselves and pay their bills.

As the only country who practiced this dictatorship move, he was called out and stopped by many leaders worldwide when the situation got out of hand with the “freedom convoy” (which pretty much ended the dreadful c19 measures and mandates worldwide).


Rupaul makes his staff suffocate by forcing them wear the c19 mask. It’s not a question of science at this point (actually the surgical mask have been proven by more than 150 scientific studies to be more harmful than good !!!), that ugly thing is been over. It’s more about a question of “class”, to show that the crew is under the “stars/faces” of the show and the symbolism of it, which is explaned below.


In a society untouched with their spiritual side and the “energies”, many will not notice this, but these are part of the stakes which are carrefully planned to be fed to the populations through programs/content to shape and control society.

First, like the point above the c19 mask, the production is showing you the crew wearing the mask for you to keep it in mind.

Second, all the h-word themed episodes with nasty creatures which has for role to bring that lower realm into the human psyche and turn your life into shit. Some representatives of it winning the crown (example: Sharon and Evie)

Third, all the shades (reading challenge) and roasting. Bullying normalized thought humor. This is a little reminiscent of the hunger-games, quite dystopian if you ask us.

These are some of the corrupted traits pushed onto people as being something good. Monkey-see monkey do, you see Rupaul bursting in laughter, this is contagious you laugh too. You see it repeatedly than think it’s “normal.”, guess what, it’s not.

So who really is Rupaul? Like really? And what is his real intent? Who does he report to? What is the real story behind all this?

And that’s about it. Now, just like us, go ahead and cancel that Wow Presents Plus subscription.

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