Top 10 Gifts to Offer to Any Man (Your Boyfriend / Husband / Lover / Good Friend)

Everyone LOVES gifts. Don’t we? Whichever the opportunity be, whether a birthday, anniversary or holyday, giving a gift to a man is always great to deepens bonds with him.

You need to buy a gift to a guy but have no idea what to get him that willl make him 100% happy ? Your answer lies below.

Here are ideas of what you can give him that cost less than 100 bucks (except for the video game console haha).

So……. you can´t go wrong with:

1. A Perfume / Flagrance

This is the win-win gift. Buy this to the male of your choice and you will both benefit from the enticing smell. Body odor has tremendous power and can multiply a man’s appeal, sexyness and sex itself by 1000 times (according to our very serious personal study).

If you are not sure of which brand to buy, you can simply do the following: just bring this guy to a perfume store and tell him “pick a perfume, it’s on me”.

There are tons of great flagrances out there, we are not nessarily recommending one over another, Or maybe, I’ll just tell you that, personally, I mostly wear 212 by Carolina Herrera. With it, I receive a lot of compliments. People actually stop me and ask me which is brand of perfume I am wearing.

2. A High Quality Collector Figurine of Their Favorite Super Hero

Figurines of Gohan and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

You know their childhood (or current) super hero from Dragon Ball, Marvel, Naruto, etc…? Get him a beautiful figurine statue of it. These items are usually available at video game stores.

Don’t worry, you won´t be catching him playing with it, they are just used for decoration. This is always a fabulous gift as it brings back great nostalgia.

Before buying this, make sure you casually investigate on who are his favorite heroes.

Price: around 60 EUR/USD

3. A High Quality Underwear

Tof Paris passion red leather boxer and brief

Another win-win gift for your lover, boyfriend or husband and yourself, as you will both benefit from it: a very nice high quality underwear.

Lingerie for men is catching up to where female lingerie has been. Whether in leather or other high quality fabric, they enhance the male figure shapes and bring to them a dimension of sexiness. From Modus Vivendi, Tof Paris, to Andrew Christian check the best underwear brands for men here.

For casual men, consider simply a boxer or a brief.

Tof Paris passion red harness and brief.

If you know the guy is already an underwear afficionado, he will appreciate a harness or a jockstrap which you can find in the “fetish brands” such as AD Fetish and Boxer.

Beachwear by Modus Vivendi

Keep in mind that underwear gifts are usually given to a man you have sex with (or giving him the heads up that you want to). If you’re not, you can also consider buying him swimwear/beachwear which is sold by the same brands like this speedo type by Modus Vivendi on the photo above.

Price: average starting at 40-50 EUR / USD

4. A Video Game Console OR a Gift Card for A Video Game

If this male friend is close to you the latest playstation Playstation or an X Box is a great choice. This is also a win-win if you are lovers since you will be able to play together.

Price: around 450 EUR / USD for the no disk version (called “Digital”) and 550 EUR / USD for the one with the disk one (called “Pro”).

If they already own the Playstation, you can consider getting them the complementary VR headset (called PSVR2, photo below).

Price: around 600 EUR /USD

If he already has a console and you know which one, you can also give him a Gift Card (called Playstation Store Card or Xbox Gift Card) for it so he can buy whatever game he wants with it. Do not buy the video game yourself, unless he speficically requested it and you are sure he hasn’t bought it yet. (so yeah a gift card is easier haha.)

There are cards at various price points. Game prices can go up to 80 EUR / USD for big blockbuster games. Therefore to make sure it covers the full price of the game he really wants, better give a card with 80 EUR / USD minimum. (But you don’t have to, there are games for 45 EUR / USD)

5. High Quality Sneakers

All men own at least not one but many pairs of sneakers. Owning a new one is always a special moment for a guy, so why not be a part of that?

Because sneakers is a very personal choice and also because of the fitting, it is best for the guy at hand to be able to choose and try the one he wants. For this reason, take him to a sports store or a designer sneaker store, and tell him “pick one pair, it´s on me”. (Feel free to tell him your maximum budget)

From a local store to Foot Locker (look up for their “House of Hoops”) or international brand stores like Nike or Puma, you most likely know which are in your area.

Price: Starting at an average of 70 EUR / USD

6. An Apple or Google Gift Card

The most economical one since it´s starts at 15 bucks. If they have an iPhone, give them an Apple Gift Card, if they have an Android (all the other brands), give them a Google Store card. With, it they´ll be able to buy any app, game or subscription (such as Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, etc..) they want.

Price: Starting at 15 EUR / USD

7. A Professional Massage

Gio, massage in Maspalomas

You can never go wrong with a professional massage and the experience it provides. Check on Google which are the best massage therapist in the area and buy a session for your man. He will love it.

Price:: depending on where you live. A good one in the Western world starts at around 50-60 EUR / USD.

8. A Spa

Om Spa by Lopesan in Gran Canaria

Just like for the massage, a few hours at the spa with thei jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, water pressured showers definitely revives the spirit. Giving that as a gift is totally a winner.

Just like for the massage, check on Google Maps which are the ¨best spa¨ and then all you need to do is read the reviews.

Price: very broad range.

9. Tickets for their Favorite Artist´s Concert

Madonna in her 2023 Celebration Tour

You know they are a big fan of a particular pop star or band. Get tickets to go see them! If they like musicals, you can also think of buying tickets for that too. And go together !

Price: very broad range depending of who.

10. A Trip

Amadores Beach in Gran Canaria Island

From a short city trip to a week or a 2 weeks vacation, depending of your budget, this planet has many places to visit. Rainbow people can consider the super gay hot spots such as Europe´s Gran Canaria Island, Mykonos, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, London, Barcelona. And America´s New York, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. We absolutely do not recommend Dubai or any those places.

You can travel with Ryanair for as low as 30 EUR each way if you reserve enough in advance. Find accomnodations on Booking.com. We do not recommend Airbnb as it messes up local economies by driving the cost of rents up and thus making it hard for locals to find a home.

And that’s it for the ultimate Can’t Go Wrong Gifts for Men.

In the case you wish to receive any of these as gifts for YOURSELF, feel free to share this article to whoever needs to buy you something, saying “I will accept any of these”.