With trends, brands come and go, some last almost forever. In 2024 here are, in no particular order, men´s favorites and best clothing brands (for all budgets).


With its laidback vibes and nice cuts, the exclusively for men brand Jack & Jones is always a safe bet to look casual and comfortable.

We love: their Hawaian shirts, polos, dressed shorts, t-shirts and denim.

Type: casual.

For: All guys. Any situation.

We buy because: it all looks so nice.

Price: mid-range


Want to look like a superstar. From Maluma to Chris Hemsworth and many more, fact of the matter is, BOSS by fashion designer Hugo Boss is that brand the superstars wear.

We love: special designs and high quality noble materials. Their suits, shirts and coats.

We like less: any pieces where BOSS is written super large. Being a living billboard advertisement or wanting to display to others that you can afford this brand is simply corny.

For: the successful and fancy guys. The elite. Going out. Hanging out. Showing off. Getting laid.

We buy because: We can.

Type: Luxury dressed UP and casual.

Price: Luxury.


One of men´s favorite brand, Zara draws its inspiration in designer brands and make affordable versions of their clothes. Expect nice looking apparel but without the ultra high finishes you get from BOSS.

Still that´s plenty enough for the average Joe who wants to look dressed up nicely.

Zara´s concept is a winner as it is pretty much one of the most popular brands worldwide.

We like: their shirts, shorts, pants, suits, coats and accessories.

We like less: sometimes some defect on clothes. Especially around the neck which can often be loose or not correctly cut on either the front or the back.

For: All men. Non physical jobs. Hanging out. Going out. Getting laid.

We buy because: good price/nice looking clothes ratio.

Type: Casual to dressed up.

Price: nice prices.


For the fashionistas, when YOU are the living magazine cover. Gucci has plenty of super stylish suits and clothes for the men who like to show off. Understand the power of a look with Gucci.

We like: the inventive suits, the shiny vibes, the color schemes and the original patterns.

We like less: much more stuff for women than men, even though it has the potential to even that out.

For: Fashionistas.

We buy because: Fierce.

Type: high fashion.

Price: Luxury.


For the cool people and the ones who want to standout, Tommy Hilfiger is the way. Shawn Mendez is their spokesman.

We like: Theirs shirts and jackets. And their shoes.

We like less: Just like for BOSS, their logo can be a little invading at times.

For: the cool guys.

We buy because: to look ¨different¨.

Type: casual cool and preppy.

Price: upper middle range.


Guess has very nicely designed clothes. Nice cuts with a special umph.

We love: their pants and shirts.

For: All guys. Going out. Hanging out. Getting laid.

We buy because: nice cuts.

Type: casual to dressed up.

Price: Mid-range


Want to look luxurious at (kind of) affordable prices? Massimo is that brand. Despite its Italian name, it is from Spain. It is a property of Inditex which also owns Zara. (as well as Berkshka and Pull & Bear which didn´t make this list but are also worth checking if you´re under 25) .

We love: their shirts, pants and coats.

For: Guys who want to man-up. Can be worn at non physical jobs or events.

We buy because: feels serious

Type: dressed up and casual.

Price: upper midrange


Abercrombie defines itself by ´looks that go from beach to brunch to bar´. We define it by that smell they have in their stores and of course their nice clothes, originally designed for hunks and twunks, but now for all types of men.

We love: Many good pieces across the board.

For: all men.

Type: casual.

Price: mid-range.


Hurley is specializing with everything surf. So lots of nice beachwear, shorts, T-shirts, and hats, but also apparel for adventure, skateboarding and snowboarding. We like its cool vibes.

We love: the colors they use in everything.

For: surfers, trekkers, skateboarders, snowboarders.

Type: beachwear, casual and sport.

Price: mid-range.

10. H&M

H&M is a safe bet when you want to be off radars. Looking good without looking fancy. It has been able to maintain itself relevant in the mainstream with its sober releases at affordable pricing. See, Ikea is not the only famous Swedish company, H&M is also.

We like: the extra soberness is sometimes necessary, H&M fulfills this need.

We like less: Quite boring stores to match the boring clothes. The few attempts at trying fancy designs are of very poor taste. Just stick to basics.

We go there for: its standards utilitarian items such as a tie, or a jean, or white t-shirt, or socks.

For: Nerds. Or for those times when you don´t want to be bothered. Wear H&M and look down, no one will notice that you´re there.

Type: basic clothing.

Price: nice prices.


Originally a golf brand, Ralph Lauren has the typical Hamptons clothing.

We like: the overall golf look.

For: Golfers, and the successful guys.

Type: luxury

Price: upper range and luxury.


River Woods is similar to Ralph Lauren but a little less expensive and more sober.

We like: the overall golf vibes look.

For: preppy boys.

Type: medium luxury.

Price: upper medium range.

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