The Best and Sexiest Underwear Brands Gay Guys Wear in 2024.

While in recorded history, sexy underwear was considered as a thing made mostly for women (through lingerie), lately, following the gay emancipation, the clothing industry is seeing a boom in men’s underwear and swimwear, which are becoming more and more sophisticated with diverses shapes and very high quality materials.

More often than not, almost completely overlooked by straight men, the importance of a nice underwear is crucial for gay men. Gays don’t settle for generic and boring. Indeed, that’s because a quality and unique underwear automatically gives the man a plus value. It makes the guy look sexier and enhances his body shapes. Some making the buttocks rounder for example.

Given the price range of these items, they make perfect gifts for self or your partner.

Do not forget: “Your underwear is as important as your shoes”.

Here are not only our favorites but the best and most trusted male underwear, swimwear/beachwear and even fetish brands on the planet. If you don’t own underwear from one of these brands, you are buying wrong, plain and simple.


Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Modus Vivendi was launched by Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos.

They create underwear, swimwear, activewear & loungewear designed with patterns and colors of outstanding beauty.

All of their garments are designed and manufactured in Greece. From the high quality fabrics, to the exclusive hand-design and luxurious packaging.

Modus Vivendi wants you to set new standards and express yourself and your diversity starting with your underwear. They break norms in fashion and bring fun in the design of men’s underwear, leaving behind the traditional and plain boring underwear. They create collections to enable men express their sexuality and sensuality.

Modus Vivendi Male Way of Life’ redefines men’s underwear with elegance, authenticity and edgy designs.

All MV creations draw inspiration mainly from Greece’s iconic pictures and history. They connect with their roots using designs from ancient Greece.

Modus Vivendi’s dream: to be in all men’s closets!

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Andrew Christian is not only an iconic company, but it’s also backed by a real designer! With his innovative  technologies, fit, and original designs, he has earned a spot in Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America for multiple consecutive years.

One of Andrew’s best sellers is his amazing line of technically advanced, custom woven men’s underwear. It is available in street, sport, fashion, and basic-themed lines, and is available in a range of styles, including low cut, super-low-cut, boxer briefs, and more. Each style is intricately designed using specialized dye treatments, printed graphics, and innovative materials such as bamboo fiber, sports mesh, and patented, moisture-wicking cotton blends. Andrew was the first to introduce waist slimming elastic in his underwear designs and “FlashLift” Bottom-Lifting Technology.

Andrew Christian is sold in hundreds of stores all around the world, including, but not limited to, luxury department stores.

Andrew Christian was featured on Logo, as official “Pit Crew” sponsors for the popular competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race .

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TOF Paris is a French sexy menswear brand. Located in the heart of Paris, the brand offers collections of men’s underwear, sportswear and swimwear made with high-quality fabrics. TOF Paris (short for Trends Of Friends) is also known for its fetishwear, partywear (or clubwear) in a diversity of styles, colors and sizes, at affordable prices.

TOF Paris was founded in 2015 by Sylvain. Inspired by the world of entertainment and nightclubbing, in 2016, the designer launched his collections that appealed to festival-goers and clubbers. He is proud is to have launched new designs such as sexy cutaway shorts, and accessories such as harnesses in ecological leather. TOF remains at the cutting edge of partying trends. Every year, the company innovates with original designs and exclusive materials: leather, metal, lace, neon, etc. In 2018, the designer reclaimed the classics of fetishwear, in particular latex and leather: shorts, harnesses, pants and hoods.

TOF Paris has opted to work with French workshops, known worldwide for their expertise. Each garment is handcrafted and carefully inspected. This proximity ensures quality and allows TOF to be proactive in the production of its garments. By being closer to consumers and sourcing mainly in Europe, TOF Paris seeks to reduce its carbon footprint.

TOF strive to offer high-quality collections at affordable prices. To achieve this, they have decided to reduce their fixed costs and margins. TOF Paris succeeds in delivering high-quality products with upmarket fabrics, at unbeatable prices.

The priority for TOF it to create sexy clothes for all ages: jockstraps, men’s bikinis, polo shirts, tank tops, crop tops, close-fitting t-shirts, bathing trunks, etc. Supplying original clothes made in France is almost a matter of survival to fend off the big names in men’s fashion.

TOF Paris is a trendsetter. Enjoying life and seduction are at the heart of its creative process. This is expressed in shimmering colours, openworked or sheer materials or leather (sorry, imitation leather). Fetishist, casual clothing, sexywear, sportswear, underwear or swimwear, our original and sexy garments for men will make you a trendsetter.

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AD (also known as Addicted) is passionate about fashion, they design clothes focused on the male gay public with a lot of pride and love from Barcelona.

AD dedicates itself to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s swimwear.

The brand experienced rapid growth In a fairly short amount of time, aided by the success its first brother brand: ES Collection.

At the time of writing, there are more than 240 points of sale throughout the world where the brand can be found.

For a few years now, AD has not only been designing swimwear, but has also been expanding its collection. Indeed, now also every year new underwear, swimwear and sportswear ranges are presented.

As a consequence of the success of AD, its little brother brand AD Fetish was born and is dedicated exclusively to fetish fashion. With a spicy and sexy style, AD Fetish has been welcomed by the community with open arms and has become a reference brand in the fetish world.

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1. PUMP !

Founded in Montreal, Canada, PUMP! Underwear combines a sense of sport with fun fashion trends and daring ideas. Being one of the first to implement splatter and graffiti style painting on their underwear,

PUMP! Underwear is made in boxer brief, brief and jockstrap styles but the brand’s designs and stylistic decisions are in no way limited. With color choices usually revolving around striking reds with contrasting whites and popping blacks, PUMP! Underwear stands out. Their prominent use of bold, eye-catching color contrasts definitely sets them apart from the generic underwear.

The PUMP! Underwear brand defies limits, not only in its design, color choice and look but also in its use of fabric. PUMP! prides itself on choosing fabric carefully, and often has custom fabric made for their underwear, specifically. Being a somewhat sporty brand, PUMP! believes their underwear should “feel natural and comfortable yet also be durable and of the highest quality.” PUMP! is well known for such innovative and comfortable fabric choices, often utilizing soft, yet durable and long lasting mesh.

As shown as a common theme in the brand’s photo shoots with boxing matches and other sport-themed scenarios, PUMP! Underwear creates a trendy athletic underwear all its own. You don’t have to be an athlete to feel like one in PUMP! Underwear.

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Runner ups worth checking: Sparta’s Harness, ES Collection, Marco Marco, Boxer Barcelona, Grand Axis, and C-In2.

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